Sunday, December 16, 2007

Night Owl

I'm still kicking around here. I finished the second library tote I was planning to make. A little owl to match the bird. I really love the buttons I found for his eyes. My sister found the lining when we went to the thrift store Black Friday. I got about 2 yards for $1.50. Not too shabby.
Jeff and I finally processed the 2 bushels of apples that were sitting in our garage for, oh, about 2 months now. There is a french apple pie in the oven as I type, 4 pies worth of filling in the freezer, 5 qts of sauce cooking down into apple butter, and about 6 qts of apple sauce ready to can. I think it's safe to say our house smells fabulous. I think I may go outside just to come back in.

Sitting to my left are 4 loads of laundry to fold and to my right are a couple of pincushions to sew. I wonder which will get done?


  1. I'm cheering for the pincushions!

    Who ever said to you "Look how cute that pile of laundry turned out!)

  2. The library tote is so wonderful!!!special gift!!
    if i would live there i would like to have some apples from you!!!i like them and all the apple pies!!
    haven't you got my package???...mmmm...i hope you will have for christmas!!

  3. The colors and the owl itself are just wonderful. You are really talented.


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