Thursday, December 6, 2007

Nice Kitty

It's been nice having Critter around. Here's her story in a nut shell. We first were introduced to her at a friends house when she was a kitten. She really was a terror in that household. I mean, running ninety miles an hour only to jump and make contact with the back of the couch to use that as a platform to attach herself to the window screen behind the couch. Yea. She really wanted to be an outdoor kitty. So she found a new home on my parents farm. She spent a fantastic summer playing on woodpiles chasing chipmunks and sleeping with/on the dogs. She got along wonderfully with everyone. A few weeks ago my parents moved and I couldn't bare leaving her on the farm and my parents couldn't take her with. So now she's with us. Only now she wants to be an indoor kitty. She has seen both sides of the street and she has chosen "inside". She felt the cold winters air yesterday and didn't even attempt to make a beeline for the open door.

"Hello! I am a cute kitty!"

"Whatcha got there?"


"This is fun!"

I also had to change my Etsy shop profile from "made in a pet free/smoke free home" to only "smoke free." It's a good change though. And I have to say, for being a long haired kitty she hasn't shed very much. Of course she gets brushed every night and she thoroughly enjoys every minute.

AND... I want to thank everyone who has supported me and my Etsy shop. I am so honored that you like what I make enough to keep for yourself or give as gifts. Thanks so much. I have an exciting project in the works and should be able to share after Xmas. It'll be fun!


  1. I'm a cat lover and Critter is one of the cutest I've ever seen. Enjoy her!

  2. Critter is beautiful. I have always wanted a long-haired Calico, but have ended up adopting whoever came along and needed a home. It is obvious that she is well taken care of. Thank you for posting photos and making me smile on this dreary grey morning.
    A Regular Reader

  3. I love Critter! What a beautiful cat. I can't imagine a long haired out door cat. Didn't she get dirty?

  4. I love the name! She is adorable! Best of luck with her and Happy Holidays!!

  5. A truly gorgeous cat. And strangely enough, our long hair doesn't shed nearly as much as the short hair.

  6. Change that poor kitty's name for heavens sake!! She's SO not a critter!! She's a Contessa at the very least. I'm glad she decided to live inside, much safer for her in the end.


  7. wow...she looks just like our cat..Kitty, how funny! love the blog!!


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