Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Oh happy days!

There is nothing like getting an email saying you have free money. And, no, this is not an internet scheme. You all know I recently started a new job. This new job has a great program called "Reward It" and they send you an visa gift card that your boss can load money onto it whenever you do a great job. They do this so you have to spend the money on something fun, rather than put it on your pay stub. And since we are currently on a budget (and I have had no time to sew items up for my etsy shop) I haven't had much fun money laying around.

Until today! Hurah!

So I have been doing what any girl would do if she had free money. Internet shop. But you know me, so Etsy and all you very cool online fabric shops have recently seen a jump in visits because of me. :)

Want to window shop with me? Want to help me decide what to buy?

How about this very earthy necklace?

Too bad I just bought these few prints from bundanART. I just love'em. They'll all be framed along with the two others I currently have to make a large collection to hang in the dining area. I really love the vibrate colors and shapes she paints.

A little rich for my budget but beautiful none-the-less.

OK, I am on a necklace roll. But it's so sweet!

Puppies walking down the street! And it's on sale!

Or how about some Etsuko Furuya fabric? I really like the "natural birds".

I can't believe I haven't purchased any Heather Ross fabric yet. I've had my eye on this cute matrushka doll patterned fabric! Did you know I lived in Moscow for 4 months?

I really enjoy reading about people's fun experiences with Japanese sewing books. But I really don't know where to start. Any favorites out there?

Oooohhh... yellow bird seed.

Letters are cool too. I can see some personalized Xmas presents being made out of this.

And now I am totally bumming. Last night I was exploring Amy Butler's website and looked through her shop. I really liked her Pearl Bag in Olive Poppy. It was there last night. Now it's gone. :( It was 50% off too. I would have bought that tonight. Crap. I just did a thorough internet search to find this poppy field fabric in olive and can't find it anywhere. Any idea's /suggestions?

Do you have any "gotta have's" you'd like to share? Might as well put your Xmas list together now!

(I wonder who actually visited all those links?)


  1. Ok. I'll fess up. I visited ALL the links! : D

    You have good taste! The necklaces... yummy!

    I'll email you some links for Etsy shops that carry some of the things you're asking about.

    Loooooove that Pearl Bag in Olive Poppy!!!

    : ) Have fun treating yourself!

  2. haha, I knew Jenn's would be the first comment! I visited most of them and I'd have to say, I vote for fabric. You could make that AB bag yourself, so 50% off is still too much. I'll keep my eyes peeled.

    Congrats on doing a great job too, that's a great reward system. My job never had anything like that.

  3. I have to say I visited all of them too! The fabric sites are my weakness, my forever and always material possession love...my "disease" is probably more like it! Also, I agree that you could make that bag yourself LeeAnn. I know it would be a gem!

  4. Me!! Elise...love all the birds!

  5. I visited all your sites... I love to see all the options I am unaware of! I loved the first necklace- Harvest, I think. What did you decide on?

  6. What a cool incentive program! I wish my job did something like that. Happy shopping ;-)

  7. I should not have clicked those links. Now I have at least 3 more sellers on my faves list.

    Abigail Percy's earrings are my too-sigh-for item. They're worth the amount she's asking but it's so much more than I've ever spent on jewelry before. Sigh.


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