Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Morning Sunrise

As I was eating my yogurt this morning standing by the sink, I all of the sudden noticed this beautiful violet my mom gave me. The sun shone so brightly this morning really setting off the purple and yellow. When she dropped it off at my house it was accompanied by the wreath it's sitting in and I never separated the two. There they have been sitting for a few days. *Do you see that tall spiky plant blurred in the background? I've bought that in college 6 years ago when it was only inches tall on the wal-mart clearance rack for $.50. I think it's done quite well!*

I may keep the wreath and plant a pair. I think a pretty little bird would round out this arrangement quite well.

I have been making my rounds on the internet this evening. Thanks to some great buying advise from Jenn, I have a few Japanese crafting books on the way!


  1. That looks great! I love violets. I brought two today, a magenta one, and a magenta and white one, and planted them in old enamel mugs.

  2. A little bird would be cute but the colors of those together is gorgeous. My mom has a whole growing window full of African violets each oner different from the next.

  3. What gorgeously rich flowers and photos!


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