Sunday, November 11, 2007

Just like riding a bike

Friday night I spent a few hours in my sewing room. I finally had all my fabric at my fingertips, but to my amazement just stood there leafing through all my fabrics not really coming up with anything. Originally I had wanted to start an embroidery project, but my hand was not cooperating with my minds eye. So I moved on.

I decided another zipper pouch would do just fine. I paired it with a indigo denim instead of linen this time. I liked how it came out. Very crisp.
Just buzzed right through it. But by the time I finally got my fabric picked out, everything cut out (but when you are about to make one you might as well cut a few others as well) midnight had come and gone.

I got up early on Saturday and finished sewing it up. It was raining in the morning, but the sun just came out in time to take a few photos. However, my camera settings somehow was changed to a "warm" view and all the other photos of bags and pincushions came out like crap. So I have to do that all over again. I want to get some things loaded in my etsy shop, just in case I can help anyone out with Xmas presents.

Jeff and I just got back from my parents where we helped them all weekend move their household. My back is a bit sore from working in the cramped corners of the attic. A hot bath sounds just about right then crawl into bed. Zzzzz.


  1. This turned out lovely, and I love the tie-backs too!

  2. The pouch looks great. I love the combination of the denim and green. Very nice!

  3. I love how the ribbon matches the fabric just perfectly.


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