Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pink and Green Swap!

I received my Pink and Green package from my swap partner, Miss Bufforfington! *** She posted the goodies I sent her on her blog too*** This was my first swap of any kind and it couldn't have turned out better! Look at my goodies.

Sewing Supplies- and did she hook me up!
Purse- which is the perfect size to pack my lunches in. I love it! She made this herself!
Respectible Apron- I have been meaning to make myself an apron for a while now! I can cross that off my list. She made this too!
Imperfect but pretty vase- fits in perfectly with my current milk glass collection. Thrifted item!
Notebook- You can never have enough notebooks and look! it has a cow on it.
Green memo pad- We both sent notebooks and memo pads to each other which works out great for me because I really wanted some for myself.

And then she sent some "packing" material which included the pretty, happy pink flower and the quilted wall hanging she also thrifted.

My new lunch bag! I should have taken a picture off the charm she added on the other side. It has a pretty pearlized charm with a silver charm layered over top that says "create". A wonderful touch.

My new vase waiting patiently for fresh flowers, notebook, and a cheerful flower that found a home on my bookshelf.

You can see the lovely apron made from a Martha Stewart dish towel and my green memo book that is currently in my purse. The quilted flower wall hanging will be hanging in my craft area soon!

All my sewing supplies! She used some of them to wrap up the gifts in the package which made everything so pretty! There are two pillowcases, lots of trim (I love the pink pom-poms!), thread, quarter flats, and rick rack.

I am so pleased this swap turned out so well. I couldn't have had a better swap partner! I can't wait to participate in the next one!


  1. what a great swap package full of wonderful goodies! I love the pink and green theme.

  2. I've been in swap heaven recently - aren't they the greatest? I love what you sent, too - the pillow and the platter are terrific.

  3. My goodness gracious, what a great variety of items, all of them precious. Love the quilt wall hanging, and bag is wonderful :) Im glad your first experience was so great!! Please join us again!!

  4. What fabulous springtime goodies! Love all the sewing notions - so yummy!

  5. Swapping is so fun! Especially when you get such nice things!

  6. Those are all really great. I need to get into some swaps now that I'm getting a bit settled again. It looks fun.

  7. Wow, great stuff! I think I need to get in on the next swap. I've been looking at all the photos and it looks like great fun!

  8. I couldn't have had a better swap partner either LeeAnn. I enjoyed doing this so much, and I'm going to continue with these swaps. I'm also going to work on my photography skills. Your pictures look so good!

  9. WHat a bunch of goodness you ended up with!! Yeah! I love the toile bag, it is so pretty. I was just over at your swap partners blog and saw the goodies you sent her too! Wow-- What fun!
    Smiles, Karen

  10. Oh such great items- this has been such a fun swap to watch!!


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