Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Going once, twice......Sold!

I just got back from another trip to NJ. I attended a big auction with my grandparents and acquired a few items to enjoy in my home. Though not any furniture like I'd hoped. Sadly, I can't make myself buy a grandma sofa even if the pastel pink upholstery is impeccable and sells for $20. Some very cheap buys. A lot of dealers were present that take these goods to their little flea market booths and resell them.

I had all intentions of taking my camera along, but as always I forgot. That will be 10 lashings for me. I had a lot of fun. I'll take pictures of my goods later.

On my way home today, I seemed to forget it was Tuesday and there is always a huge flea market at Cowtown on Tuesday's in NJ. I practically got whiplash when I passed. So I promptly made a U-turn. It's been a long time since I was at this flea market and was pleased to see a thrift store had set up shop. Spent $10 on some very cool stuff. Again, I promise pictures.

Promises, promises, promises.

I might have been at the right place at the right time to score some cool vintage buttons at the thrift store, but it messed up my universe driving on the way home. I got rear ended. :( Never fun. In fact, I was a victim of kinetic energy. The car behind me was rear ended at a stop and they were pushed into me. Messed up my bumper and crinkled the hatch to my Vibe. No one was hurt, but I have to deal with the hassle of insurance claims and repairs. No fun at all.

But I will end the post with a fun mod zipper pouch that my little sis now owns. I used some left over dark denim, thrifted polka dot lining, thrifted zipper ( I wondered if I would ever use that neon green zipper when I purchased it), and used some lovely fabric acquired from See Katie Sew that was appliqued on the front. I want one for myself now.


  1. Hey that looks great! I didn't think of using it like that and I love it.

  2. your little zip pouch looks great. I made a few of them yesterday and I can see them becoming a new addiction of mine. (oh, great...) I use thrifted zippers as well, and that dictates my color scheme, which is very fun.

  3. Yuck on the crash. Glad you are okay.

    Cute pouch!! I am terrified of zippers. I have so many things I would like to sew, but don't because they have zippers. I need someone to hold my hand through the process LOL

  4. I couldn't buy an old couch either...all I could think of would be the dust mites! Allergies make me think about things differently. :o( Flea market sounds like fun though. I like the zipper pouch. That's some creative stitching.

  5. You need matching ones in all different sizes - think you can find more green zippers?

  6. Super cute pouch! I'm still so nervous about sewing in zippers. Why do I have machine sewing phobia? Can't wait to see your goodies!


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