Tuesday, April 3, 2007

I've been busy with everything non-crafting lately. However, I did spend some time Sunday afternoon with my sewing machine giving her a much needed spring cleaning. This in turn led to some very surprising discoveries! As I was rummaging through the original box to get the owners manual I found a small pouch that contained pressure feet I never even knew I had! I found a zipper foot (no excuses now!), a blinded hem foot, and a narrow hem foot.

It took some time discovering what they were (looking on the Brother website) and even more time to figure out how to use them. Did you know there is no good tutorial out there to figure out how to use a Blinded Hem Foot? Nothing! And the ones that I did find were not very clear. But after many tries and a lot of scrap fabric I think I got it.

A while ago I picked up the book "Sew What? Skirts!" and absolutely love it. I think tomorrow I might whip something up and give that zipper foot some use.

I'll leave you with some overcast photo's of what Washington D.C. is looking like. On Saturday we went down to the Cherry Blossom Festival which was really beautiful.


  1. Oh, the Cherry Blossoms are so pretty! We were going to go on saturday, but since Isaiah was feeling so icky, we didn't. Hopefully we'll get some nice warm weather to go soon!

  2. I haven't been to DC in years, but I still remember the Cherry Blossoms. Good luck with the skirt!

  3. I didn't know how to use the blind hem until I got my second machine and the shop taught a class. There were so many things my first machine would have done if I'd been told. ugh! Congratulations on your new discoveries, good luck with the zippers.


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