Thursday, March 29, 2007

Mom-mom's Attic

This past weekend I got to spend some time with my grandparents and even got to explore some nooks and crannies of their home. I've always been a big treasure hunter (you'll find me with a metal detector on the beach when I am 80!) and one night I was talking about the sewing I have been doing my mom-mom piped up and said that my great grandmothers sewing table was sitting right behind her seat. She said she never looked in the table drawers! Say what!

So I happily moved furniture around so we could explore. We found wooden bobbins, lots of buttons!, some scrap fabric that is still in good shape and a ton of crocheting needles. Some are even made out of bone. I guess I'll need to start crocheting.

I was also privileged enough to explore her attic . And that's when I spotted these old frames. Oh, the possibilities! Can you see it? I already have a plan for them. This is going to be exciting!

This has to be continued at a later time. I still have more stuff to share, but the husband is home and we have some boxes to sort through.


  1. wow those are some awesome finds!

  2. How exciting! Yesterday one of my students asked if I'd like a box of "old junk jewelry" that belonged to his grandma. Um, YES!!!

  3. Oh I love these kinds of finds! Perfect! And those old frames are to die for! You'd pay big bucks in an antique store for something that nice!

  4. Jackpot! Exploring long-lost stuff is incredibly fun.

    I keep trying to crochet and keep failing. Good luck, should you try.

  5. oh my goodness, what treasures!!!! I would have loved to rummaged through the attic at what not with you!


  6. fantastic finds...

    those frames are really gorgeous [and i have such a soft spot for vintage sewing supplies!]

  7. How funny that she never even opened the drawers? LOL

  8. fun! i love stuff like that!


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