Tuesday, September 17, 2013


My real job has been keeping me busy. But some days I can use my lunch break to see some great local events as I travel around a seven county area. The other week I caught a local dahlia show. 

It was held in a public library and was quite the pick me up to walk into a room lined with these beautiful plants. Last year I had over 30 planted. With the ongoing garden project this year, I planted 7 and they haven't been doing great. Bugs are eating them up and I typically do not care to spray. My biggest reason is to protect the bumble bees that visit. One of my favorite things to do on a summers evening is to walk my garden and see a few bees taking up residency in the petals for the night. They will burrow in between the ruffly petals to make a bed. Can you imagine waking up in between the petals of these beautiful flowers in the morning light? Amazing, I bet. 

This flower was my favorite of the show. It didn't win a big award, but to me it was perfect. 

I'm lucky most days that I don't run into traffic while driving. Wildlife is probably a more common road hazard. However, last week I had to yield to a gander of geese that were protecting their spot of the road. 
 And tonight I enjoyed a lovely 65 degree evening. This is a view from my side porch about 20 min after sunset. Perfect night to eat a dinner of a rosemary artichoke polenta goat cheese tart and a wilted spinach salad. Mmmm. 

Next time, sewing projects!

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  1. I thought I'd stop by and wish you a happy new year!


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