Friday, September 20, 2013

2013 Garden

This years garden was almost non-existent. We have the garden project which has been slow going and is just going to take more time than originally planned. I did pick up a fig tree this year and I was rewarded with a handful of fresh figs!

I threw a couple of 2012 zinnia seeds in the ground later in the spring and have been rewarded with a few blooms this fall.  

In the 2013 Parks Seed catalogue, one plant caught my attention. It was a grass called Bunny Tails. Now I am not a crazy gardener. There was no way I was going to plant an unknown grass in my perennial bed and have it become an invasive species. So it was planted in a pot. It is a very common looking grass and at first I wasn't sure it wasn't a "weed". And my cat loved to chew on its leaves. It was mowed down most of the summer. Which when I think about it, is he does have an affinity for baby bunnies (sadly) so eating a planted named Bunny Tails seemed appropriate. It just started producing these super soft and fluffy seed heads. 

My holly hocks are in there second wind. New fall blooms!

The ever present Garden project. Hey, it takes me five years to finish a quilt. I hope this doesn't follow suit. 

Lime light hydrangeas planted Dec 2012. Purchased these beauties for $2 each.

Before I know it the frost will be here again. This summer seemed to fly by faster than any other summer in recent memory. Next week I plan on slowing down and enjoy an extended weekend away with my husband to celebrate 7 years of marriage! Can't wait!

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  1. You sure ended up with some pretty blooms! Love the Bunny plant it is really cool!


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