Sunday, January 23, 2011

Hand sewn

Did I ever tell you guys that I acquired a 17lb bag of feed sack scraps this summer? I'll have to take a picture sometime. I still am an awe every I look at it. I have plans to turn much of it into a quilt, but that will take some time. Many pieces are the negatives of previous clothing patterns. So every time you hear someone tell you about a time when their mothers made them clothes out of old feed sacks, I have the "extra parts".

A few weeks ago I sorted through the bag again and found some tiny scraps. I washed the small pieces with Eucalan in the sink. (I also use this product to wash all my wool and cashmere sweaters. I love it.) I was in desperate need of a sewing fix, so I grabbed the newly washed scraps and some linen and took it with me while I babysat for a friend one evening.

I don't really have a plan for these. ^The one above^ may be turned into a pendant. Or maybe I'll add a hair clip and use it when I put my hair up. I left enough linen around each one so I could also sew then up in little pouches. But either way, they make me extremely happy! I have to research rules for air travel. I have a business trip coming up and the destination is half way across the country. So lots of time at the airport and on airplanes. Wouldn't it be nice to take this project along with me? But I can't imagine they'll allow small clippers/scissors or needles as a carry on. I might better stick with a book and my iPod.

**EDIT (1/24/11)** Looks like it's my lucky day! Check out the TSA's rules for Transporting Knitting Needles and Needlepoint.

Which reminds me... what podcasts do you listen to? I'm a big fan of anything public radio, so I already subscribe to many of them. But I don't know of any related to sewing.


  1. I wanted to take some sewing on the plane when I went to the US! I'd love to know what the major airlines policy is on needles and scissors?!

  2. So pretty! You could frame them? I love them sewn to the linen.

    And yes! I knit and crochet on the plane often. You can also use a dental floss box to cut floss, just it pull it through like you would the floss. :)


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