Monday, January 31, 2011

Everything has a place

I do have a theme for this year and that theme is "Everything has a place." We have officially been moved into our home for 16 months and we still had boxes just jammed into an upstairs bedroom. Our household nemesis is books. In particular, we may have an problem with collecting cookbooks.

So here is the dilemma.
  • A crazy amount of cook books.
  • Storage near the kitchen is key.
  • Limited budget.
So check this out!
I love it! Don't hate me either when I tell you I got it for FREE! My husband's company is renovating their offices and updating all the furniture. They offered the employees a chance to buy back the old desks, shelving, etc... So my husband calls me. I drive down for a look. We were looking for some metal shelving for the garage/basement, when as I walked through the sea of cubicles I turned the corner and saw IT. "Be still my heart," I said. Turns out a co-worker of his brought this in from his own home. So don't go thinking there was a plethera of oak furniture around for the taking. Try to imagine a basement that hasn't been cleaned in 30 years, drop ceilings, florescent lights, and late 80's laminate furniture. So, yeah. Clearly a gem. In an effort to make this long story shorter, I begged my husband to speak with the owner of this bookshelf to see if he still wanted it. Weeks go by and nothing. I ask husband again. He says it was thrown away! I almost died. I immediately asked if he checked the dumpster! Little did I know he was just pulling my leg and he surprised me with it around Xmas. Little stinker. So anyways, it is exactly what we need.

(I'm not usually a OMG kind of gal but "OMG look! It has a working key!")

Am I the only grown women that still has a childhood thing for things that lock and secret places? Because I really want to build a secret passage way in my house.


  1. It is not only lovely, it is magnificent!! I'd love to have a place that is dust free for my books. You even had the perfect spot for it ... wow!

    I like secret places too, inside or out. I have a little area outside that is my Secret Garden with a log bench and all sorts of jewelry in the bushes. Really! Single earrings, small beaded ornaments, and the tiny wind chimes that you find in vacation places.

    Many Hugs

  2. Um, I'm sorry, but I think I AM going to have to hate you! I'm pea green with envy over here!

    What a gorgeous, gorgeous find. The little key reminds me of the diary I got when I was ten, which had a tiny key. I agree, there's something exciting about keys! The bookcase sure looks perfect in its spot!

  3. Everything has a place - yes, yes, yes! It's nice to see what a pretty place your books now have. And for free. It doesn't get any better than that.

  4. Wow that is awesome...yay for you and yes a bit jealous though :P

  5. oH MY goodness!!!!!!! That cabinet is AWESOME! And the story behind it is super cool. And I always dreamed about secret passages, too! (And buried treasure that I would one day discover the map for.) :D

  6. Not only is it beautiful, it's great! I love to have a dust-free place of my books. Even had the perfect place to it.It is nice to see what a pretty place their books have now.

  7. oh, my! it's perfect! your husband IS a stinker. if it wouldn't have been so perfect, you would have had the right to be mad at him for a good long time because of his little stunt. :)


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