Sunday, April 18, 2010

Handmade Open House

Here are a few photos from my table at the recent Handmade Open House. I didn't get around to making as much as I'd like. I thought with the week vacation proceeding this event I would have gotten much more sewing done, but the weather was beautiful and gardening was the priority. More photo's on that coming up!

All but three of the bags were sold, so I consider that a very successful day! The night before I tore apart my sewing room trying to find any odd projects I made to sell. I found some jewelry that included some refashioned necklaces and bobble rings (pic below).

I think this handbag came out really cute. A simple structured shape but the fabric and applique make it, in my opinion. This bag (I ended up calling Bye-Bye Birdie) didn't sell. Hmmm. Maybe it will be mine.


  1. I can see why you sold almost everything! You had some totally cool creations there LeeAnn!!!!

    Congrats on such a successful day!

  2. Everything looks really great! I am shocked the bird bag didn't sell - it's so pretty! I'm glad to hear the day was so successful.

  3. Congratulations on a successful event. I wish I would get myself together enough to host something like this - you're an inspiration for doing so.

  4. Congrats! Your set up looks great.

    Sometimes I secretly like it when one of my favorite things doesn't sell. I like to figure that the universe put it on hold for me, so maybe I should keep it?


  5. How wonderful I'm sad I missed being a part of it, hopefully next time! Love all the pretty stuff.

  6. Everything looks beautiful. And I had to smile at the red and white jewellery piece because I seem to have one of those buttons :)
    Selling almost all bags is a success indeed. You can be proud.


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