Thursday, February 11, 2010

Finished Denim Blanket

Table is a new acquisition from Mom-mom's. Got to love free things from grandparents. I am not sure what I'll do with it. It has a beautiful dark patina, but I don't have a turned style leg anywhere in the house. But this table is also our only end table. Beggars can't be choosers! I originally brought it home to place in the front room with a large Boston fern. I am not opposed to changing out the legs and painting it. I'll put it on the "list".

I finally shot some finished photo's of that forever WIP denim blanket. I'll spare you more photo's of lots of snow, but I am one of those who are snowed in. We got 3+ feet! We tried to get the snow drifts plowed again tonight but no success. I have been home bound since Wednesday and it doesn't look like tomorrow is going to be any different.

It's been through the wash twice and it's back in again. As mentioned before I used a blue embroidery thread to hand quilt a square design. Five years ago I thought this was a great idea and I actually finished the quilting part last winter. Five years ago I also thought it was a great idea to layer the quilt with the heaviest polyester batting I could find and a solid cream flannel for the back. Talk about overkill.

The concept of the contrasting quilting in a geometric design really works for me. My fabric choice, however, very bad. Everything sticks to flannel. Like every little bit of fuzz that comes off from the fraying denim. I have little fuzz bits all over the house! Because of all the extremely heavy fabric choices this is a very weighty quilt. But when you are snowed in and you keep the house temp around 62 and you're trying to watch season 3 of Lost, it's quite a cozy blanket! I just happened to make it large enough to cover two snugglie people on a dual reclining love seat very well. Such a happy ending!


  1. That table is beautiful!!! I would just leave it as is as a great momento of times past.

    Your quilt is lovely. I too have visions of a big denim type blanket! I have boxes and boxes of "jeans" fabric that I am going to make a quilt out of someday ... LOL. I will remember not to line it with flannel ... maybe a very country-western themes fabric, that will also show spots a whole lot less.

  2. This is beautiful! Wow - you are talented!!


  3. Your quilt is beautiful I especially love that its denim and your upcycling the denim. I have denim curtains in my spare room and I love, love, love them!

  4. Is there a pattern or instructions to make this??

  5. I have made 4 denim quilts and have ba ked them with polar fleece with no batting and they are plenty heavy too. love them though and they get well used.


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