Sunday, February 7, 2010

24 inches of snow

We are snowed in again! It's been a long time since I've seen this much snow. Even the snow we got in Dec was peanuts compared to this. We tried to get the cars out today but no luck. Having a long driveway is awesome 98% of the time. This is not one of those times. Hopefully our drive will be plowed tonight and then we'll see if we can get the Prius up the hill. *crossing fingers*

But since we couldn't go anywhere I sewed up my only V-day decoration. Made completely with scraps it was quick and easy. I was testing how it would hang before I sewed on the homemade bias tape. I guesstimated the measurements so I was pleased when it actually worked out.

I was alsot creative in the kitchen when making my own decaf herbal tea which included fresh orange zest, fresh ginger, cardamon, and lemon grass.

I cleaned up the counters and set up a collection of vintage glass made exclusively from the small towns dotting southern NJ. (Well, all except the small clear bud vase.)

And my amaryllis planted Christmas Day is in full bloom! I love fresh flowers in the house!


  1. lovely bunting! your vintage glass is so great!

  2. Ooooh, you have my snow! Here in Oregon we are having a very dry, snow wise, winter. We normally have at least 2-3 feet on the ground this time of year. That El Nino!

    Your bunting is so cheerful. Lots of hearts and smiles.


  3. Love your banner. It's darling cute!

  4. Your bunting is super cute, and I'm jealous of your flowers. Flowers and plants cower in fear when they hear they're coming to live at my house, where they know I'll probably kill them dead!

  5. Hmm, looks like it was a good day despite the snow!

  6. Hi LeeAnn, How are you? I wanted to stop by and say hi, and to thank you for your sweet comment on my post while I was recuperating. I also didn't realize how close you live when you said you saw my purses at a local exciting. I'll be doing the Spring Fever Craft show next month.

  7. I love the bunting! So happy to have run across your blog; love your renaissance-woman approach!

    Come visit us over at! We've got a lot of great stuff going on!


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