Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rainy Day

Have any of you checked out the website Feed Your Soul: the free art project? I found it recently and it was an answer to my cheap (FREE!) cool artwork woes. Remember all those frames I painted black then hung down my long front hallway? Well they have remained bare with the exception of some really cute bird decals I bought off of Etsy from Vinyl Wall Art.

It took literally no time at all to print these beauties off on some card stock paper, trim, glue stick to some colored card stock I had on hand (I really wanted black paper but I am fresh out.) and affix to the wall with double stick tape. It has been a week and so far they have all stayed up.

This is a temporary solution. Ideally, I plan on purchasing a few free floating glass frames to place inside the black ones. All in good time.

My flowers are taking off. They don't lack water right now. This morning as I was eating my breakfast I was amazed how much my little container garden has grown. So many blossoms.


  1. That's a great idea. They look wonderful!

    Have a nice weekend. :)

  2. Your new artwork is fabulous LeeAnn! That is a great idea. Your basil is looking mighty tasty!

  3. They look great. You're so clever!

  4. I love the black frames. Neat idea.


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