Saturday, March 21, 2009

What's on my desk...

I am waiting on some light weight interfacing that I need to pick up to move to the next step. I underestimated the challenge of sewing circles. This will be one rewarding project but one I may not attempt again in the near future. My perfectionist nature is screaming. I need to sew perfect 1/2'' seams to get round, not oval, rings. Not that any baby would care...


  1. ahhh, perfection! They will be perfect even if they're not perfect! those are some beautiful fabrics.

  2. That thing is going to be crazy cute though.

  3. oh i love those prints...

    also, if you ever make it out here i can take you to that restaurant, it was a blast!!

  4. I have admired this pattern for some time.. but after trying to sew owl bottoms and bunny bottoms (circles).. it just scares the planters out of me. I cannot wait to see it all done!


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