Tuesday, December 2, 2008

This and That

Over Thanksgiving I did some sewing with my sister....

That girl was a wiz on the sewing machine. For not sewing since 8th grade home ec, she did a fantastic job!

We visited with my nieces over Thanksgiving. One conversation about her beat up, worse for wear blankie lead to a trip to JoAnns to pick out fabric for a new blankie that recycles parts of the old one.
A very eclectic collection of prints curated by a 7 year old.

And since baby sister wanted in on the fun she got to choose several prints of her own.
I better get back to my sewing room, so not to disappoint any little girls!


  1. The hodgity podgity sensibilites of little kids always reminds me to loosen up a little. Who needs matching socks (or blankies) anyway?

  2. Love the zipper pouches!! Great stuff.

  3. That choice of fabrics made me smile. Princesses and footballs then, is it ?


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