Saturday, October 25, 2008


What I am suppose to be doing right now- Packing for my week long work trip out of state. I leave tomorrow morning.

What I did instead- Play around on Etsy. And you know what I found? I am featured in a Treasury List! This is the first one that I know of!

Go check it out.

Truth be told I came downstairs to switch around the laundry and polish my shoes. The computer just happened to be sitting on the kitchen table.

I have to pack very cautiously. My trip to Panama destroyed my largest suit case. So now all I have is a carry on and one slightly bigger. Thank goodness its business casual so I don't need to take along suit jackets. Do you think they'll notice if I wear the same pants twice? I only wish I were kidding.

When I get back I have to show off some more pillow covers I made from cotton cable knit sweaters. I think I finally figured out how to sew that super stretchy fabric.

I'm not going to take my computer with me on this trip, so I'll see you all in about a week. :)


  1. Congratulations LeeAnn! Your little pincushion is darling! Hope you have a great trip

  2. Congratulations! That's awesome. And have fun on the trip - no one will notice if you wear the same pants twice! I recently wore the same cute grey knit skirt to work not only twice - but the very next day! No one noticed; as long as you switch up the top it's no big deal!

  3. Hey LeeAnn.. I bought a little something from your esty shop.. you need to tell me when you made things with birds on them!!!!

    Hope you had a great trip and I doubt anyone will notice you wore the same pants twice. I had no idea that was even a big deal! :D

  4. Hi! This is Jody from the last MDIndie meeting....

    So, I'm curious: do you have to go hunting to find out if you are featured in a treasury or do you get an o-fish-ul notice?

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