Friday, July 11, 2008

I got a date tonight

So I finally put my Sew What! Skirts book to use last night. Drafted a simple A-line skirt with zipper closure. After all I am going to Panama in a few week. Wait, I think I forgot to mention that on here before. So yeah, we are heading to the equator soon! So last night probably around 10 pm I thought to myself, well this would be a good time to attempt your first ever invisible zipper. 10 pm is never a good time to decide to try anything new. The book does not give instructions for invisible zippers so I followed the vintage instructions on the zipper packaging. Used my brand new invisible zipper foot. Thought I was awesome. Then I turned it over and zipped up the zipper....

So my date tonight is with my trusty standby: the seam ripper. But before I start that I am driving 20 minutes south to walk around a quaint downtown area that's hosting a late night crafting fair! And best of all I hope to meet some other local etsians, because apparently there is a local street team in these parts.


  1. WAIT....panama? Do tell! Send me emails girl!

  2. What a beautiful blog you have! I came here from Queenly Things.

    I used to sew, but haven't in a really long time. You're inspiring!

  3. How nice to go on such an exotic trip! And your skirt is going to be great. I find I always have to do a piece of clothing twice to get it right. I guess that is just part of learning. Thanks for sharing- it is always a comfort to me to know that I am not the only one making such mistakes. I hope you had fun at the crafting night- that sure sounded like fun!

  4. I love that fabric, and you'll get the zipper right! You're a good sewer. Panama sounds great!

  5. Hey!! I finally got a blog up and going and thought I would let you know-if you still even remember me!! Love the huge hotpad-what a great idea and your coasters are swell!!
    Talk to you soon,

  6. Sending you good zipper sewing mojo!

    : )

  7. hi, I saw you on ravenhill... I am having a kimono giveaway on my blog... come on over and check it out.....

  8. I'm here to tell you that the invisible zipper has always been and will always be an impossible task. I have NEVER, ever been able to get it in right!!!


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