Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Thanks for all the sewing machine love! I got that baby oiled up and ready to work. One good thing about the older models (as many of you pointed out) is all the gears are made of metal and rarely do they ever get out of time. I still have to take in to get serviced, but right now it's acting as a well needed bedside table. Got to make do with what you got right!

Last week I drove by a huge fabric sale hosted by the local womens auxiliary. I swung in after work and found this very groovy Singer sewing book. It is by far the most colorful sewing book I have read. But it has some good tips on altering patterns and sewing 3-D object. So this book along with the Alabama Stitch book, Sew U: Home Stretch, and How to Eat Supper are all sitting around the house to be read. I am so serious about sewing clothing this summer. I figured I would start with a T-shirt design. I picked up the pattern Simplicity 4589 during JoAnn's $1.99 sale. AND DID YOU KNOW Simplicity now offers a B,C,D cup adjustment collection? Hello? This is where some of my fit problems come from! I see two work dresses in my near future.

Oh, also in the photo above I found that huge roll of chocolate polka dot bias tape. Oh ya! I have completed a few sewing projects recently, but they are all gifts. And since word has spread about my little blog space here, I have to wait till the recipients get their gifts before I post.


  1. Yummy bias! Great score! Yesterday I found an entire brown bag full of great fabric for $2. TWO. DOLLARS. Sigh.

  2. YOu can post a picture of mine! It's super cute!

  3. Great find on that book! The colorful cover makes it look so inviting.


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