Saturday, May 17, 2008

Baby Shower Favors

I had to share these cute baby shower favors I made for a little surprise baby shower I attended today. Since there were just six of us to enjoy the intimate party I decided to make the following favors.

Sorry for the photo quality, but I wanted to get one before the sun set. I made them out of scraps I had laying around and stuffed with every inch of their little beings to look pregnant. Each one had a bit of vintage trim tied around to form an empire waist. I then embellished each one hand sewn little beads to form necklaces, broaches, a fancy belt....

Jeff's birthday is tomorrow and he is having some friends over for retro gaming night. I have a bit more rearranging of furniture and cleaning to do to make room for everyone. You know, make sure TP is in bathrooms, toilets are cleaned... standard stuff!

These little party favors got my sewing mojo back and several idea's popped in my head. I will probably take a week or so off blogging and emails to put some of this creative energy to good use. It will be difficult for me not to check email, but when I do I always hit the Reader link and then I am on the computer reading your wonderful blog entries for the rest of the evening. :) One thing I have noticed lately about myself is that when I do read really creative blogs or pounce through Etsy it somehow blocks my own creativeness. Does anyone else feel this way sometimes? Because even though I find great ideas or can really appreciate someone else's creativity it blocks my own original ideas. So we'll see what this little hiatus brings me.

Oh, and my container garden should be finished sometime this week too! I just need 3 or 4 more plants to round out this years theme which is "Texture". Usually its just a color theme, but this is a year for change.


  1. What a creative and fun idea!

    And you're so right about reading blogs + doing your my own creating. I only have so much free time, and if I let myself get sucked into reading blogs, I never get to my own projects. Maybe I need a little break, too. Enjoy yours!

  2. That is so cute, what a brilliant idea! It's great that the creative juices are flowing, have fun:)

  3. love the favor! it's so cute!

    you should be getting some new book inspiration in a few maybe that will help too!

  4. What a wonderful idea! Just darling! I'm sure the guests loved them too.

  5. hiatus away, dear one! I feel the same way:)

  6. Those favors are simply adorable!! I find that I'm not creative in the least, so at least looking at other people's stuff makes me want to be creative. But that wasn't really the question, was it?

    Have a great break!!

  7. What a cute favor! Just darling!

  8. Be still my heart! That's about the cutest thing I've ever seen! Brilliant!


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