Friday, March 21, 2008

Not a Thread to Spare

I took today off from work and spent the better part of it sewing and thrifting with friends. My friend Lauren wanted some advise on sewing a baby bag for a friend of hers. She came up with all the features and I made up the pattern. We worked out a few kinks and in the end made up a fantastic baby bag, but with not a thread to spare. Literally.
That's all she had left on her spool and just finished her bobbin thread on the last top stitch of the bag. Close call don't you think?

Here is the finished bag. It measures 16'' long by 14'' tall with a 5.5'' gusset. The bag has two exterior slip pockets sewn into the panels along with a pocket on each side of the gusset. Inside she sewed a slip pocket down the middle to hold wipes and diapers. There is also a zipper pocket and key fob. Completely interfaced with 25'' handles. Button loop closure. With some encouragement I think she'll try a magnetic snap next time.

We ran into some trouble with sewing the gusset on. For some reason the one side would match up but the other would not. I guess minor differences in seam allowance makes a difference in the end. I'll have to test this pattern out a few more times to work out the kinks.

I'll have to take some pictures of my thrift finds tomorrow. And tomorrow I plan to do an Etsy shop update. But more on that later.



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  2. the bag is adorable. and don't you love when you run out of thread? it makes me feel productive :)

  3. What a lovely useful bag, I really love the color.

  4. What a wonderful friend you are! I love the bag.

  5. Nice work on the bag! I love the materials, it looks like a hip baby bag!


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