Saturday, March 22, 2008

Etsy Shop Update

It's been awhile since I added something new. Before I made the additions, I sat down with a hot cup of tea and made some changes to my shop. I have been him-hawing around in regards to shipping. I finally decided to not be an all inclusive shipping site. I edited all my items and you'll notice some of the prices went down, but then a shipping cost was added.
You've seen this one before, but as previously mentioned I had the bag cut out since last summer. The vintage sheet was so soft, it really makes for a great feeling bag.

Grocery Bags made from vintage sheets.
I did make a minor adjustment to how I listed these bags from previous grocery bags listings. Instead of making them a group purchase I've listed them individually. 3 bags are available. I got rave reviews at my local grocery store today when I used mine. They were passed around from employee to employee as they asked questions about them. I should make so many more of these, but I have found out that I really dislike making/sewing bias tape. Oh well. :p

For Easter dinner we decided on a standing rib roast, au gratin potatoes, salad, glazed baby carrots, homemade dinner rolls, and berry crisp. Now all I need to do is some internet research for a good dry rub for the roast. Have a Happy Easter everyone!


  1. I love the golden floral sheet you used. But you're right, bias tape can be a pain.

  2. Very pretty bags! It's nice to find a blogger so close to home. I am in New Cumberland, right outside of Harrisburg:) Have a great Easter weekend:)


  3. Love the grocery bags - I wonder if your local grocer would be interested in selling them.
    Your Easter menu has my mouth watering. My husband had to work today, so we're not doing anything special for the holiday. Hmpfff. I'll live vicariously through you!

  4. I have to say I hate bias tape wrangling, too. But I think for me it's because I'm so inexperienced with it. The bags are lovely.

  5. I've been waiting for you to make more f those shopping bags, I'm just too lazy & busy to make my own. I was thrilled to see the new ones are made from the same sheets my mom had! So cool. Can't wait to get my two. :)

  6. LOL--I hate bias tape too! What a pain! It always looks so nice and seems like it would be easy....NOT! lol Your bags are really pretty and I can see why they were passing them along. YOu will have to see if you can figure out a way to do them without the bias tape.
    Smiles, Karen

  7. Hola, thank you for stopping by my blog. You have great things also, i like your bags!! I really like you pleated wristlet..


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