Saturday, February 16, 2008

Red and Turquoise Swap

Awhile ago, Mary Ann posted a blog entry about expanding her color pallet to enjoy a new phase in creativity. I made the suggestion/ challenge of using red and turquoise for the new year and we made it a swap.
Beautiful tea towels find their home immediately in my kitchen!

I recently received my end of the swap and let me tell you, Mary Ann knows how to stuff a box! It was like digging into Mary Poppins bag. Never ending! I loved it. And it was full of inspiration. I would say half of the items already are strewn around my home. Like the turquoise place mats that are already in the washer. Then we have the bundle of zippers and vintage trims.

Here's a sampling of goodies I got! Now take a look at the red clothes pin hanger. I need to find about 6 more so I can hang some sheers in my sewing room. How cool would that be? Thanks for the great idea Mary Ann! Oh, and did you happen to notice the AWESOME cards she made with vintage dress patterns? I got a bunch of those. It's going to be hard not to hoard them. AND FABRIC! Most of which found their way into my next project pile! It was a perfect compliment to the vintage and thrifted fabrics I have been collecting to make a summer blanket/quilt! More on that later.

And magnets! She sewed red crepe paper to make little envelopes to hold recycled Altoid tins that housed a whole host of homemade magnets! I love them! My house is getting cooler by the minute.

And, I have to give homage to Mary Ann's incredible thrifting skills. Mad skillz. She found me a pair of Kate Spade sunglasses to compliment my spring/summer look. The only 'problem' is I have already started wearing them and they are currently in my car, in the cold, amongst the snow, and I am in my pj's at the moment. I promise an action shot in the near future. Really awesome.



  1. Hooray! Your photography skills are genius! the heart o' magnets? Too cute! I'm glad you like it all, and I do hope you're inspired!

  2. Red and turquoise is one of my favorite combinations! Try it with a little sparkly gold too!

    Great swap stuff!!

  3. fantastic kitchen towels! i love your color choices and you really scored on the swap.

  4. Oh yeah, Mary Ann Swaps always ROCK!!! Love the color combo! :)

  5. Mary Ann invented the word swap, you will ever see better!!!

  6. Fabulous swap idea - the colors are gorgeous!


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