Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Sewing advise needed

I forgot to ask this in my morning post, but I am all ready to turn 4 lovely white, cotton cable knit sweaters into pillows. Now originally I was going to dive in head first, but then I thought better of it. Does anyone have words of wisdom when sewing knit sweaters?

PS. I do not have a serger.

PPS. Don't forget about the button give-a-way!


  1. kind of depends on the knits you're using. As long as they're not really chunky, it shouldn't be a problem. I would still suggest to use a muslin pillow insert though instead of just stuffing the sweaters.
    As for sewing, I don't normal have to adjust my machine, either the stitch length or tension. If you have extra "sweater", test it first! Go a little slower so you can guide it through without stretching, and you should be good.

  2. I'm not really sure, but to be safe I would zig-zag the edges...maybe before you even start cutting into it. If you use a really long/wide setting on your machine it should help with the whole stretching issue. Good luck!!

  3. I agree with Lindsey and Roxanne. And I, too, would zig zag the edges.

  4. Very carefully. (That didn't help, did it?)

  5. I have help for you because I've done this before!!! Cut your sweater pieces a couple of inches bigger than your intended finished size. Then cut a lining material to sew onto the wrong side of the sweater. E.g. if you pillow will be 10 inches square, cut the sweater much bigger than that. Then layer your sweater material and lining and sew a square a bit bigger than 10 inches. Trim that and repeat for the other side. Now you can sew the two sets right sides together and proceed as usual. This also helps give the pillow a tiny bit of stiffness less sag. Plus, your pillow stuffing won't try to sneak out of the sweater's "holes".

    Hope that works for you! :)


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