Thursday, November 15, 2007

More free stuff

I washed, ironed, and folded all that new fabric last night. Now I just have to tackle the real laundry. Later.

However, when I was putting that fabric away I found a bag of the following items. You know when you get those great thrifting finds, you sometimes have to bring the baggage home too? And not that any of the following items are bad in any way, they are just not my thing or I currently don't feel inspired by them. But I know someone will be!

So if you feel that you can use any of the 3 following items just say so in a note. Then I'll group you all together according to your likes and pick a name. I'll do this drawing and the button drawing tomorrow evening. FYI- you'll need to wash these when you get them.
Purple lace- there are a few scraps and one large continuous piece (perhaps more than a yard).

Pink ladies- I know someone will have a ball with this. There could be almost 2 yards of this. The fabric is sheer.

Roses- I got these two fabrics at different times, but they seem to work well together. I would consider these large scrap pieces. Large enough to make a pocket or zipper pouch.


  1. Put my name in forPink ladies and purple lace, either would come in handy on a project or two that I have in mind. You are really so generous with your giveaways. Thank you

  2. how are you??i would like to receive the fabrics with roses i am collecting them for my quilt!!i would like to give something to you,what kind of fabrics you love??tell me!!Diana from Italy!!


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