Monday, November 19, 2007

Japanese Crafting

I have been challenging myself to sewing new things. I really enjoy the thought process in assembling fabric and materials to construct a 3D object. Mental stimulation baby! At nights I have been reading through my new Japanese crafting magazines coming up with some really neat projects. The first one I attempted was a pencil case. It took me a few minutes to understand how to sew the exterior and interior fabric to the zipper. The diagrams didn't show this step in the book.
You know, one thing I don't do very often is patchwork? And why not!? I was able to use up some of my small scrap fabric on this project. I am totally feeling the red and blue vibe. My scrap basket seems to be overflowing with this color combo. I really enjoyed pairing up fabrics, using contracting stitches to really make my patterns/linen pop. One thing I left out was interfacing. I need to interface the remaining patchworks I have sewn up for this project. It just needs more structure. But it's still perfect enough to add to one little girls library tote for Xmas. Yes-sir-ee.

Check out this amazing aqua and red fabric by Moda. Oh the birds! I have been slowly but surely stowing away red and aqua fabric/pillow cases/scraps as I find them. It's been a long time since I have made a quilt (since I am still working on the 4 year quilt I can't start another!) and I've got this great idea for a warm weather blanket in red's and aqua's. The birds with the plaid and the daisy chain with polka dots. And I can't forget the red poppy. Can you see it? The link is to a European store. I did a quick search on a few online fabric stores I am familiar with and had no luck. I'm going to call my "local" fabric store tomorrow and see if they carry it.

I made a quick stop into a thrift store over my lunch break. I came home with another very soft white knit sweater to turn into a pillow. I need another 50% coupon to purchase some stuffing for my pillows. Then I'll be ready to roll!


  1. it looks great!!!the zipper are very....mmmmm....not so nice to sew!!!i think you did a good work!!

  2. That really looks great! I'm impressed with your perfect looking zipper. I say keep on with the patchwork ;-)

  3. I'm way into that color combo too. Your patchwork is so sweet, keep it up!

  4. Looks lovely! And those fabrics against the linen really pop! : )

  5. hurray for patchwork, that's all I can say! I think it's hard to go wrong. ;)


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