Sunday, June 24, 2007

birthday and swap goodness

Where did last week get to? Isn't sunshine and great weather the best?

I need to follow up on my birthday still. Jeff really was in tune to my "want" list this year. I was very surprised to see the following two prints all wrapped up.

Aren't they so pretty? I had been eyeing them for months over at BunanART's etsy shop. I just love her style. I have always had the image of a kitchen gallery wall in my mind. So I have been picking up inexpensive food related prints/paintings to make it someday. The only thing that has to match is the subject matter. I may try to make all the frames either light or dark, but that would depend on the colors of my future kitchen. These prints are really great. They look like the real painting!

Since I last wrote I got blue screened by my laptop and somehow lost all my bookmarks. So all my lovely crafting sites were lost. :( My blog reading has severely decreased. I need to find everyone not on my little blog roll and add them now. But I did manage to catch the swap Katie is hosting over at her blog See Katie Sew. Swap what you have in a flat rate box or envelope. I think the deadline was yesterday but she did post that she needed another person to make it even. Go check it out if you are interested.

And I got my partner for the Yellow and Orange Swap! Yippee! We have been emailing back and forth and it looks like another great match up. Her name is Elsie and already has been successfully making and selling aprons and pillowcase dresses. But she has no blog. :( Let's encourage Elsie to get one up and running so we can all be inspired by her!

Before I wrap this up and don't want to forget to annouce my birthday give-a-way winners!
I asked my husband to pick 2 numbers between 1 and 18. He said "one" and "nine". The second time he choose the first noter. So congrats Trying Momma and Jenn Maruska! I don't have either of your email addresses , so go ahead and send me your address to and I'll put the items in the mail.


  1. Those prints are fabulous - lucky you!

  2. Those are some fabulous prints! What a nice hubby!

  3. those prints are great. I like the idea of a gallery in your kitchen.

  4. I just love those prints LeeAnn and I think it's a great idea to have a wall of prints in the kitchen. Those bright colors are so "alive" and what busier and "alive" room is there in a
    home than the kitchen!

  5. Hey! Thanks for the comment on my blog, yes that's Eastern Market in Lancaster, PA. I look forward to meeting you! I'm there every weekend. <3

  6. I'm sorry I didn't realize, you mean you're visiting Lancaster.
    - If you have time please stop by and see all of us at Eastern Market
    308 East King Street
    There's a ton of etsy peeps that set up. Music... food. =)
    email me if you need any help

  7. The paintings are very nice! They remind me of paint by numbers.


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