Thursday, May 10, 2007


I have been tagged by iSew to share 7 random things about me. 7 things is a lot. If I pick the wrong 7 things I could look like a weirdo. So much pressure.

But here we go-

1) I have an unnatural ability to find four leaf clovers. I find so many of them that I normally don't pick them. I just let them grow in their mutated glory.

2) I prefer that my toilet paper be dispensed from the top/front rather than the bottom/back of the roll.

3) I still don't have a job after moving and getting married. But I have the most promising to-date interview next Tuesday. Once I get a job I am sure my everyday time with the sewing machine will come to an end.

4) I play Ultimate Frisbee. Even though I am the slowest person on the field, I have so much fun.

5) I hold a national champion title. "Beef quiz bowl champion" No snickers from the peanut gallery.

6) Once a month, I spend an evening at Borders reading all the magazines I don't/can't subscribe to. And worse yet, most of the time I don't buy a thing including a treat from the cafe.

7) Some days I have a Bob Ross moment and look to the sky and think, "Wow, those are some happy clouds."

In some sewing news- I am still working on more little girl skirts and I dug into my pillow case pile to find some great patterns. Imagine my surprise when after I had cut open the pillow case did I discover the tag said Oscar de la Renta! I wonder if this 3 year old will feel any different wearing it?

And this was my table centerpiece two weeks back. I went to the river and collected drift wood and smooth river stone. I used the bottom of a cut glass punch bowl to contain some beautiful cherry blossoms.


  1. I have the same toilet paper preference and will change the orientation of the roll when I'm away from home before I'll use it.

    I have "happy little tree" moments. :)

  2. I knew there was something really special about you, Miss Beef Quiz Bowl Champion". And I'm not asking...I'm not asking...
    And your centerpiece was so pretty.
    I'm sure you enjoyed that.

  3. I won't ask what a beef bowl is ;)

    Your centerpiece is lovely! I have no affinity for that sort of thing. So jealous!

  4. Ditto rebecca on the beef bowl comment. I go to the bookstore all the time and read the magazines. I loooooooove doing that!

    And that is a beautiful center piece!

  5. Glad to know you a bit better, Miss Beef (for short). Lovely centerpiece.

  6. I'm totally with you on the toilet paper issue. How can people use it when it's on the dispenser the wrong way? Love your centerpiece!

  7. Happy Trees! I'm having one of those moments now, looking out my window at the bird singing in the tree.

    I hadn't realized there were any other way than yours to dispense toilet paper. How does it work? It would seem that if it were pointing to the back, you'd have to grope around for it, not something I'd want to do in the restroom.

    Do you tag anyone?

  8. I enjoyed reading your list. :)

  9. Beautiful centerpiece. Good luck on the interview!


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