Monday, May 14, 2007

Picture Weekend Recap

What a great Mother's Day weekend! Both of us headed to PA for a weekend of everything mothers. Lot's a annuals, perennials, veggies, seeds, and bushes were planted. Raking, hoeing, digging, and watering were accomplished too.

Saturday we spent the day on the eastern side of the state and Sunday we headed over to the western side to visit my parents. The weather couldn't have been more perfect.

Here's a view of some working mothers of a different kind.

Take a rest under the shade tree.

Look how everything is greening up.

My husband found his very first four leaf clover too! I must be rubbing off on him. Even though I found many that day, he found the biggest. And that's all that matters!

And because I am at a loss for words this morning- another picture. My new tea pot! How cool is this baby. It has a mesh cup on the inside to defuse loose tea. This morning I had green tea with essence of cherry. I didn't even bother to clean off my kitchen table to eat my peanut butter toast this morning. My purse is still laying on top of everything from when we walked in the door last night. It's sitting on a recent Netflix movie, tissue paper from wrapping Mother's Day presents last minute, and supplies from cutting a new grocery bag pattern I am working on.

I think the insurance appraiser just pulled in. He's here to look at my rear-end damage from a few weeks back. Time to get my beautiful Vibe looking like new again!


  1. I have a very similar teapot and I love it. Thanks for sharing all the great photos. My son and I both looked for four leaf clovers this weekend but didn't find any. I've never found one. I think I need a little of your luck! :)

  2. great photos! love the one of the silos...reminds me of home.

    and what a beautiful new teapot. love that blue!

  3. The pictures of the dairy farm just make me feel calm and warm all over. I'm sure your families enjoyed your visit, especially on this special weekend.

  4. Lovely day - and that tea pot is great. I would start to drink tea if I had something that cute.

  5. Those tiny teapots are so cool. I have one in bright yellow.

    Great PA countryside pictures!

  6. What a glorious-looking weekend! And the four-leaf clover fluke is crazy. You must have some serious luck.

  7. Such beautiful photographs!


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