Friday, May 18, 2007

Friday Randomness

I have been caught up in surprise birthday planning all this week. So many obstacles got in my way, but I persevered. A present that I ordered 3 weeks ago was causing major stress in my life. I ordered it online. Then I emailed customer service to find out what delivery provider they would be using, so I would know what to expect to make sure I could intercept and hide the present. No response. Emailed again. No response..... 5 emails and 2 phone call messages later... no response. I was nervous. They took my money. Good thing I paid through Paypal. The last one sided communication I had with the company was informing them that I was starting the process to get my money back through Paypal because of lack of communication. 10 hours later I received an email saying the product was out of stock and they refunded my payment in full.

This still leaves me with out a cool present. So yesterday I was calling EVERYWHERE for a folding poker table top. No one had any! Apparently this is only a Christmas stocked item. I found one. It was a cheapo. But he got it.

This afternoon when he got home from we we took a little nap. When we got up he opened his presents. I got him a book he wanted. Then he opened the poker table top. Then the card I made him that had 2 Aces on the front cover and 3 Kings on the inside. It read, "It's a FULL HOUSE tonight! Good food, good friends and great poker!" I surprised him with a poker party. He was estatic! I am glad it was a surprise.

They are playing as I type. :)

I am lacking current photos. I had to dive deep into my photo bucket account to find these photos of my container garden I had in MI last year. The sunflower was a surprise left by some bird I am sure. I had some begonia's on the back shaded deck and one plant produced the most amazing brilliant yellow blooms. And they were so large too! That bloom is pictured with some home grown snap dragons in an asymmetrical arrangement in the first photo.

I'll be away all weekend for an out of town wedding. But when I get back I have some major sewing to do. I have been making muslin templates all week. Trying out new things. Some worked. Many didn't. But that's why you use cheapo fabric. Speaking of cheap fabric, I went to my local Goodwill yesterday. I was floored at the change of pricing they had on their sheets and textile fabrics. Price went up. I wouldn't complain if it was cents. No! Dollars! Like $3-5 on average. I am not paying $8 for a sheet! Are they crazy? What new volunteer is doing the pricing? I hope this was a fluke and prices are adjusted soon. But I did find some vintage linen dresses! Plain, but nice colors.

And one more comment. I was reading (my guilty reading pleasure) and noticed a trend in celebrities covering themselves from paparazzi with some fugly blankets. Are they pulling these things out of a dumpster? I mean, they normally have great style with most other things. Why pull out ugly blankets? Get some Heather Bailey, Amy Butler, or Anna Marie Horner in your lives!


  1. What a great party idea - you did good!

  2. what a great surprize party! isn't it so hard to keep it a secret? that part just kills me. especially when things start to unravel a bit...

  3. Your birthday present was a wonderful idea and I know he was thrilled. And the stoop was pretty and very welcoming. Can't wait to see your sewing next week.

  4. I'm so glad you like the handbag. :)


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