Sunday, March 18, 2007

Saturday of Fun and Thrifting

Some fun was had by me this weekend. Even though the snow is still around from Thursday's snow storm, I made my way over to the local Flower and Garden Show at the community college. I was offered a job at a lavender farm (too bad it's 45 min away!), chatted with a couple that recycles old silverware and their work they do at the local farmers market, and snapped a few photo's (always with permission).

Isn't this elephant planter the cutest! I wish I could find this thrifting. I guess I am liking the orange in the environment of browns and greens. This was placed on the bottom shelf of the latter, but after speaking with the shop owner we decided it's place belonged on the top self.

They were selling these solid wool felted pumpkin and apple pin cushion's for $12 a piece. They looked so good piled in the wash basin that was priced at $68.

And part of the exhibit was tabletop decorations put together by local groups. Even though I think this one could be improved upon I loved the Wizard of Oz theme. See the yellow brick road leading to the Emerald City?

Afterwards I headed in town towards my favorite thrift store. And I was very lucky in getting a few choice grabs. Because of the snowy weather and St. Patrick's Day, not many people were in the store. My best find was an oatmeal colored, crew neck, cashmere sweater in my size for $1.50. Couldn't get any better! I also grabbed these supplies.
The most expensive item was $2.00 and that was the large cone of twine. I figured it would come in handy for binding packages or labels to things. The polyester green polka dot fabric was $1.00 for 2 yards. The rolled remnants were $.25 each. There was a bag of white cotton eyelet trims for $.75 and then I found a bunch of zippers for $.10 a piece. I also picked up a zippered change purse for $.25 that I ripped apart last night to see how it was put together. I am going to make a few changes and try to make my own pattern today and sew my own version.

And all this week I have been working on the 3 year quilt project. I started hand quilting/embroidering the top to the backing. I use a thimble but I decided I need a few more. My finger tips were getting sore from pushing the needle through all the fabric. I then resorted to placing band aids on all fingertips, which helped some. But I need a few days rest on this project for my fingers sake.


  1. 3 Year quilt project!? You're crazy. I couldn't do it.
    I guess I should go into the charity shops more often when I'm in town. Thanks for all the inspiration.

  2. i think you have find some good things in that shop!!happy quilting!!

  3. Love finding sewing supplies in thrift shops! For some reason, they seem to have so much more promise than brand-new supplies. Or maybe I'm just crazy, lol!

  4. I just found some nice sewing things at the thrift store too. I love the search for them! Sorry to hear about your fingers. Don't they make things to slip on them to quilt? Seems like they should.


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