Thursday, March 15, 2007

How could you resist?

$3.50 flowers? That's what I am saying! And when the flowers are bright orange rannuculuses it's a no brainer even when we just had the discussion to cut back our grocery spending even more! I just had to share since they are so pretty.


  1. i think they are so beautiful..i like orange and life is made by simple things..have a nice week..

  2. It's worth spending more on flowers and less on food. SO worth it when they are that beautiful!

    Cherry xx

  3. wow! those are fantastic. do you mind if I borrow a link to the photograph -- I might want to use these flowers for my wedding.

  4. Leya,

    I was unable to access an email address for you, but yes, you are more than welcome to use this photo as inspiration. Thanks for asking!


  5. wow i wish they had flowers like that at my grocery store!!! -Kim


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