Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Oldies but goodies

Work continues on my 3 year quilt. After coming home from a weekend in the Pocono's, I seemed to have enough energy to stay up till 4:30 Monday morning to finish the top of my quilt. Wait, what?! Finished?

As in "I didn't use my seam ripper once to tear it apart a gajillion times."

I ended up not being so "artsy" and did a very simple, balanced border. I think after looking at this quilt on our living room floor for days it must have grown on my husband. He asked if I was going to keep this one. So I am.

Yesterday I headed over to JoAnns to take advantage of their Presidents Day Sale and found a plain, neutral flannel backing to appease hubby. Only $9! And consider that all the other fabric was either recycled or given to me, this is a pretty cheap quilt. Never mind the time involved.

I also randomly stopped by a store called Wonder Books. I am not sure exactly what this place is. It seems like they get every book I would never read and sell it cheaply. But what they do have are old magazines and prints you have to shuffle through. Boxes upon boxes that are everywhere. On table tops, under table tops, on book shelves, stacked on top of each other. You really have to do some searching. They are moving locations so everything in this store is $1! I can spend a dollar. Want to see what I found?

Dating from 1948-1956!

I was beyond excited to get my hands on these. And there were a ton more too. Lots of McCalls from the 70's. That time period doesn't appeal to me, so I found the 1940-1950's issues. Now if you are into knitting, crocheting, or needlework these are for you (lots of free patterns and directions). I don't do any of these (yet) but seeing the designs, reading the old ads, and reading the tips and tricks sections all amused me. I did take a few pictures of the contents.

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  1. What? No picture of the finished quilt top? :o) I don't think I could stay up until 4:30...I'd be making so many mistakes and getting so frustrated. But good for you getting it done!

    Your bookstore sounds like a fun place to hang out for a few hours. Neat finds!


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