Friday, February 16, 2007

All things shiney are pretty

I had to take a break from the denim quilt I am working on. (Wait, didn't I take a 3 year break from it?) I had sewed the borders, even sewed one side on and I hated it. So I got my seam ripper out and took it apart. Onto Plan F. (not sure what that is yet)

But in the mean time, I decided to try my hand at beads. I have a ton of old necklaces acquired over the years from friends and thrift stores. I took some apart. Went to a local bead store to get some inspiration (how convenient it's right across the street from the library!). I saw some wonderful pendants and said "I can make them myself!" And that's what I did. I just had to purchase some rings and head pins. I even had a brilliant idea on how to present them. Look how purty they are:

My next plan of action is to read my owners manual for the digital camera. I couldn't get the focus right. It doesn't help that the apartment only has two windows. I just keep telling myself I will have a house sooner than later. *a house and a puppy*


  1. I like your beads! I also enjoy recycling fabric and thifted treasures to make something new, it's satisfying to give them a new lease of life

  2. Those are really pretty, and displaying them against fabric like that is brilliant.

    Have fun with the camera manual! :o)


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