Friday, May 30, 2014

New projects

I have a few projects in the works I thought I would document. In April of last year, I documented the start of these feedsack cross blocks. I also noted at that time that I had these fabric scraps for 2 years previously. Thanks blog for confirming my hoarding tendencies! This week I had the itch to work on this project again. I have learned a lot about vintage fabrics and how delicate they can be. I decided that I need to make my little showcase/print sampler quilt and pass on the remaining scraps. I doubt I would use this quilt full time once completed but I know I will love looking at it. I am drawn to the history of these fabrics, the way they helped market common goods, how women searched and sought out prints to sew with them in their own homes, and the beautiful cotton texture of each feedsack.  

74 blocks later I have them laid out on the spare bed. Each block measures 6.5"x6.5". I think I need to add an extra row before adding the boarders. I plan on backing the quilt with a pieced backing of plain off white feedsacks that have words of the former contents printed on them. 

But this is #3 on the list of WIP quilts. I need to finish two baby quilts before I spend more time on this one. I have a deadline on the other two quilts.....

39 weeks pregnant today! We didn't find out the gender so I made a boy and a girl quilt. Both tops are done and are ready to baste and quilt. I haven't mentioned a thing on this blog about our struggles with pregnancy, but after years of infertility we are beyond excited to welcome this joy into our lives.  I am currently on maternity leave (I travel quite a bit for work so I get to start my leave two weeks prior to the due date) so between cleaning, organizing, resting, and sewing I may actually be on here more often. 



  1. I'm late seeing this post (less and less on-line these days), but want to wish you big congratulations and best wishes! I hope you're feeling great. I'm so happy for you.

  2. I'm a delinquent blog reader too - but so thrilled to read your wonderful news! CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm tremendously happy for you! : D


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