Sunday, July 29, 2007

Study breaks are productive!

I had to take a break from studying for an interview to complete these grocery bags that have been patiently waiting for their bias tape.

Now I have to change the thread in the machine to a different color and start on another set. But first I have to create a custom yoga bag for a repeat customer. She sent me her old college bed linens to make her bag. The sheets are so groovy! I am sure she'll strike a better tree pose when she hauls her new bag to class.

I spent a few days at the farm. The county fair was held this week and I enjoyed some time with the sister. I happened to lose my drivers license in the process, but sometimes those things just happen. I brought home a half a bushel of green beans, new potatoes, onions, zucchini, tomatoes, zinnias, and sunflowers from the garden. For Sunday lunch we put a ham, potatoes, and onions in the crock pot. Just before serving we added green beans. Mmmm. So good!

I'm going to be busy this week with getting the yoga bag sewn, entertaining friends, interview, and more job hours. But I'm not complaining! This summer has been great so far. Keep it coming!

Monday, July 23, 2007

A bag for every occation

Slowly but surely I am depleting my supply of vintage bed linens. I am running out of crafting room and need to get rid of the clutter. (Next up all my felted sweaters!)

You can find these two summer shoulder bags here.

Once I get done the mandatory house cleaning, I will be finishing up a few sets of cloth grocery bags to put in the shop. I just have to finish making the bias tape.

By the way, you all should head over to Miss Bufforfington's blog to see the goodies she is giving away!

And it's always fun to see people make items with swap material. I sent a pink floral fabric found in my MIL's attic over to Anina in our "swap what you have" swap. She made the most gorgeous task box from Amy Butler's In Stitches book. Now, I would have never of tried that and look how gorgeous it come out!

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Something new

Let's start out with something sweet-

Edy's Double Fudge Brownie Ice cream in a $.59 thrifted dessert cup. I found 8 of these recently!

Two very new tools that are hanging out on my ironing board. Now I know what I have been missing!

I have been trying to deplete my supply of vintage bed linens. This is currently laying on my living room floor. What I wouldn't give for a large cutting table! These will be turned into cloth grocery bags shortly.

And a basket of recently laundered fabric. The teal and white print is actually a table cloth that will one day be a very cute skirt.

This cool summer evening is a rarity these days and I am heading back outside. I just figured I better poke my head in here. And one of these days I will catch up on my blog reading. One of these days....

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Bucket Full of Sunshine Swap!

Yesterday evening I received my summer swap package from my partner Elise. I wasn't able to completely enjoy all its glory until this afternoon.

Did you see that sign she made for the front of the basket? How cool is that?! I think it's my favorite part. :)

Then she made me this gorgeous apron! Holy cow! Look at the colors. The little bird applique is simple amazing. I love the fabric choices too. I can see why she is selling these like hot cakes!

I also received a wonderful book on herbs that contains some great recipes and a magazine. I already tagged a few to try this week. I have a ton of cilantro and dill to use up.

And here's the rest of the package. Her container is a very fun chicken wire egg basket. I will be storing my zippers in this when I get it empty of all the goodies inside. She also made me flower pens. Also included are 2 pillowcases, a ball jar full of thread and goodies, a milk glass vase, and a vintage strawberry jam tea towel! I am going to use that towel in my kitchen. That is until it inspires me in the future. Then it may have a personal introduction with my scissors.

I really love it all. I have had nothing but great experiences with these swaps and encourage anyone who is not participating to keep an eye out for the next one. I also love how all my swappers wrap up the goodies in reusable items. Tea towels, rick rack, ribbon... you are all such a great group of people. I am so glad I found out about this whole crafting group.

I did end up hitting the thrift store on Monday to check out the chair. The bad news is it wasn't what I thought it was. I hate it when that happens. The good news is sitting right next to it was this-

But wait! There was two of them! I picket them both up for $30. I really love its modern lines. The wood has a wonderful mahogany patina to it. It was a worn leather seat which I was going to recover until I researched a label that was under one of the chairs. A spoonful of Google and a pinch of eBay told me this is chair was made in Norway by Vatne Mobler. It was designed by Sigurd Resull and they call it the Falcon chair. These are in very good condition with a few wear marks. eBay had them listed for $150! I think I did alright. The leather covers snap right off, so I may just make new cushions in a lighter microfiber. Does anyone know anything about midcentury modern furniture to tell me some more about these chairs or the designer? Most websites I found where not in English. Our first newlywed funiture purchase arrived on Saturday too! But that will have to wait til another post. I think I pictured you all out.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Summer Swap Package Sent!

I can show this off because my partner has received this yesterday. From our emails back and forth, I found out that Elise has quite a little business going on amongst her friends at home making aprons and pillowcase dresses. So I picked out items that she could use making those items. My container is a mini pillowcase with two vintage button enclosures. If she wants to repurpose the fabric and buttons, she has that option! You can see it here stuffed with her items.

Here are the rest of the goodies. Since it is summer time, I sent along some summer flower botanical prints. There are thrifted fabrics, ladies hankies and trims. I made a mini version of my pin cushion for her filled with charms, buttons and do-dads that fit the orange and yellow color theme. And there is a sweet finish with Lindt's White Chocolate. I love all Lindt chocolate, but their white chocolate has to be the best around. And it worked out great that the packaging was yellow.
Alright, I have to wrap this up. I saw the most amazing chair at the thrift store yesterday sitting outside, but they had just closed! I am going in before work to see if it is still there!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Swap what you have! has arrived!!!!

EDIT: To see my end of the deal on this swap you can view the photo's here. And thanks for all the help on the blogger issues!

Yesterday I received my swap package for the "Swap what you have" swap (organized by Katie). My partner, Anina, did a wonderful job. I'll be able to use all of it! The wildflower seeds will be enjoyed by my mom. She planted some this spring and they turned out well. There are also some blank note cards, fabric, buttons and beads, paper, and ribbon. It's all put away ready to pull out at a moments notice. Anina, thanks so much!

And if the swap wasn't enough, I was the lucky 100th post winner on Anina blog! Lightning can strike the same spot twice!

How did you know I have been wanting a tissue holder for my purse?!? Saves me from making one now. The tissues and pen were put in my purse right away, and if I could think of a logical reason to have the orange pincushion in my purse, it would be in there too. I was thinking the other day that I needed a pincushion just for at my ironing board, so that's it's new home. It makes me happy just looking at it!

I also finished up my summer swap package and it was put in the mail today. I had a lot of fun putting this swap together. Even though my partner, Elise, doesn't have a blog we have been emailing back and forth and I had enough to go on to make it really personalized to her and her hobby interests. I can't wait til she gets it!

Now onto summer time sewing. I better make those skirts I had planned on before the summer is over.

Sunday, July 8, 2007

I don't think I ever showed you my little zen rock sculpture I piled together for my little container garden. I rearrange them at will. They are so smooth and curvy you just can't help but pet them. I am so bummed about the current status of my garden. After we returned from our extended fourth of July trip I found most of my herbs didn't make it. The picture above was from early this summer. Seeds hadn't even started to emerge. The sad thing is my garden still looks this way except dead herb plants are in some of the containers. Good think I have a back up supply at the parents farm. Rule #1- Always have a backup plan. Check.

I have my black bird purse slated to be back on the sewing table soon. I thought of a better way to do the handles. This is all a learning processes. You got to crawl before you can walk they say. I have also been very productive with filling up my idea book. I am having more inspiring moments than time to complete projects. I like that my idea book is filling up. I try and date my thoughts since sometimes they are so sporadic. Maybe when I have nothing better to do I will graph which months and days are the most idea productive times. Then again, maybe not.

I completed a 20 mile bike trip this afternoon. Towards the end of the ride when my legs (and butt) were complaining I couldn't stop making a morph song out of Queens "Fat Bottom Girls" and "Bicycle" tunes. I won't be too upset tomorrow if I am too sore to play Ultimate Frisbee. I need to straighten out my sewing area. I have 6 boxes of new hand-me-down supplies to find space for. I was able to fill up my "Swap what you have" box for my partner, Anina, and put it in the mail today. I still need to finish up my Yellow and Orange swap package but it is coming along nicely. Swaps are fun!