Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Reason #76 of why I garden

I can't believe that I have taken ZERO pictures of my garden this year!  I try to grab a few each month so I can reference back to see what blooms when, what plants play nice together, and as a general documentation of the progress we make over the years.  But not a single photo this year.  I have taken notes of bloom and harvest times and other notes to help me select plants in the future, but I have to get out this afternoon and take a few shots.

However, last week I did go pick some of my beautiful zinnas and arrange in one of my milk glass vases.  When it was done I couldn't stop looking at it.  It made my week!  These bloom as long gone, but I'll be out there tonight to pick a few more. 

Saturday, August 6, 2011

This posting is so late it's embarassing!

Considering this swap took place a few months ago, I am very late in posting the wonderful goodies Ann-Margret of Piece of Mind sent me way back in May! Earlier in the year we contacted each other to do another swap.  In the past we have completed color themed swaps, but this time I suggested I would like a Woodland/Nature theme since I was loosely using this direction in decorating my living room which already has a fieldstone fireplace and hardwood floors.  Ann-Margret choose her favorite decorating theme of cottage chic (with a preference toward turquoise and yellow) and we both got to work.

So without further adieu here is what I received in my swap package. 

 Now Ann-Margret really knows how to fill a box!  Opening this package was like digging into Mary Poppins carpet bag!  There was a whole slue of stationary, which I already have put to good use.  My inner 8 year old screamed out loud when I saw the pony paper. :) 

 One of my favorite items she include was the trees identification cards!  I have them sitting out on my living room end table and they are quite a conversation piece. I've gone back and forth about what to do with the mini pine cones she collected from her backyard, but right now I think I'll be making a winter garland with them.
 Our package had just a couple of rules and one of which was to include a handmade item.  She sewed together a sweet pincushion from a scrap of vintage bunny fabric.  I keep it on my ironing board.  And I think it's funny that we both included a yellow rose in our packages.  This one is a magnet and since my sewing table is an old steelcase table, I use magnets to hold my patterns to my fabric instead of weights.  So this has been used many times!
Along with all the amazing goodies she included a fair trade necklace, wooden beads, ribbons, fabric, and a note pad that says "don't lose" which cracks me up.  Thank you Ann-Margret for such a wonderful swap!

Here is what I sent and you can view it in more detail here.