Monday, July 9, 2012

The rewards of gardening- Vegetables

July 2012 Vegetable Garden
  I've just shown you my flower garden and I admit I'm slightly embarrassed to show my vegetable garden. It clearly has been treated like a second class citizen!  For the month of June I was pretty much not at home, so it got away from me.  And our spring started really early and it got hot quick, so many of my "spring" crops bolted and turned bitter fast.  I had poor germination with my spinach too. *sigh*  Second year in a row.

The far side of the garden is where we started many of our spring crops.  Most, if not all, are done for the season.  We will be pulling out the plants and tilling it over again to plant for fall.  The summer garden plants (peppers, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, squashes, and cucumbers are growing like weeds amongst weeds. :)

Yesterday, I harvested the remaining spring crops.  A handful of snap peas, the secondary broccoli stalks, green onions, and kale.  I was really upset with my kale harvest (or lack thereof) and went to double check the variety so I could take note and not purchase it again.  It was then that I read the seed packet more carefully and noticed it was a dwarf variety. Doh!  Silly me.  I'll replant most of these for a fall crop.


  1. Your garden looks more successful than mine! I'm not having a great year this year, I think it's too hot. Oh well, that's how it goes :)

  2. That's something I'd like to try next year - having a modest garden in our backyard. So many benefits: fresh clean food, reducing the grocery bill and now that we have a little one: lessons in how things grow.


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