Tuesday, April 3, 2012

WIP- Vintage Feedsack Cross Quilt

Sewing has been sporadic as best lately. And now that the weather is definitely heading in the direction of spring, my sewing days are even more numbered!  But I wanted to document the start of this quilt so in like 5 years when I am finishing it up, I have a date to refer back to. That is what a blog is for right?  To show how slow I am in completing things? :)  Two years ago I was given a bag of feed sack scraps.  I knew then I wanted to turn them into a beautiful scrappy quilt.  But what do I pair this vintage fabric with? Any modern fabric didn't match the weave of the older scraps.  I thought I would find some old white feed sacks and use the two together.  I did find and collect those feed sacks but I love the prints on them so much I want to feature them in their own project.

 Then early this winter I was "cleaning" my sewing room (basically re-stacking fabric from one spot to another) and I found a stash of linen garments I picked up at the thrift store.  Well worn, well washed.  The texture of the fabric was a perfect pairing to the pretty vintage prints.  This was the solid I was looking for!

I've had my eye on making a "cross" quilt for a long time.  Most of my feed sack scraps are the negative cuts from someone making clothes and crafts, so this block allows me to use every scrap I can cut a 2''x2'' square from.  The best part about this project, beyond the visual prettiness, is that I finally purchased my first rotery cutter and mat.  Love, love, love. Such a nice tool for making quilts. I am hoping this quilt fits a queen bed. Right now, I am not thinking about how many 6.5'' blocks I need to make to get that done.  Just one block at a time.

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