Friday, April 27, 2012

I mustache you a question

 Same clutch pattern as my last post, but made with linen and a really pretty print from JoAnns (picked up this Spring.)  I think it is called "winter berries."  I wish it came in other color ways besides mustard.  A pretty robin blue and grass green would be nice. 

You can see in this photo that I started to add labels to my things.  About time, huh?  I purchased the custom stamp through the etsy seller: modernartstamps.  I found permanent fabric ink pads and have been practicing stamping different ribbons/fabric to get the look I want.  It's not perfect (yet), but with the right base and more practice on my part I should be able to get a clean look.

I donated this clutch to a silent auction that benefited the organization Young Life. When I was making this clutch I was trying to appeal to the young adult crowd.  Something trendy but slightly grown up.  It was popular.  It wasn't until after I made it did I discover the local t-shirt for the kids has this saying on the front:  I mustache you a question...   Kind of perfect. :)

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  1. The clutch is adorable. The young girls I know would love it. I also really like your feedsack blocks. I have stacks of vintage feedsacks and repros and still haven't worked up the courage to cut into them...


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