Thursday, December 29, 2011

Surprise Baby Shower

Color inspiration!   
 In the middle of November I hosted a surprise baby shower for my friend and neighbor.  It was disguised as a brunch amongst friends, so I was able to have everyone bring something to share for the meal.  That allowed me to sneak in a tiny bit of sewing/decorating for the party.  The week previous to the shower we hosted our annual Harvest Party where 40 of our friends come over for a home cooked fall themed meal.  The fall decorations were still out so I decided to use the centerpieces of winter kale and pumpkins as the color inspiration.  The day before the shower I stopped in at my local quilt shop and was elated to see Kate Spain's new fabric line Terrain on the shelves*! Right then and there I knew I NEEDED to make a fabric banner to make my dining room more festive. 
 The gender of the baby is a surprise even though the decorations are insinuating girl. Just a half a yard of three prints, two packages of thrifted bias tape, and 80 minutes later the banner was cut, sewn and hung.( I love pinking shears!)

 A friend came over the night before to help me make the tissue paper "chandelier ".  I was totally trying to channel Dale Chihuly when I was brainstorming this feature. (Side note: have you seen the PBS special about him?!)  I ended up with a nebulous jelly fish looking sculpture, which honestly, is better than I anticipated. I have it hanging in my sewing room because I like it so much.
 It was such a simple way to dress up the room and it added so much ambiance.  It has me thinking of making banners for every special occasion to hang in this room!

* I am beyond excited that my LQS is stocking more "modern" prints.  I'd like to think that it has something to do with every trip I am there I asked if they are getting any ____ designer fabric from their new collection.  I always get a puzzled look and I can't help but wonder if a fabric store owner doesn't read blogs?

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  1. The cloth banner is so very wonderful. A perfect way to spruce up a room without too much effort.... and something you can reuse. :) It looks WONDERFUL


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