Friday, June 11, 2010

How to lose 10lbs if you have a really cool sister

A little over an hour ago, I got home from work and heard the sound of my sister using my fabric scissors to cut something up. She was in the other room and she yelled back she was making a sleeveless t-shirt. She had already done a pretty good hack job on it. So this "before" picture is after I had helped her scoop out the neck and fix the lack of sleeves.

(Before and inside out)

I gave her a 5 min run down on why clothes don't fit all body types and we had a discussion on women being 3-d creatures and that men's t-shirts are not made to flatter a women's figure.


So I showed her points on her shoulders she needs to be aware of so in the future she can alter t-shirts to highlight her very fit shoulders and arms. And I showed her how to fold the t-shirt to make symmetrical cuts. And then I busted out the sewing machine and sewed in two well placed bust darts. Much, much better.


  1. Is she a Case employee?? We're a Case IH family here!

  2. Where's the picture of her sister?


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