Thursday, April 22, 2010

$6 Front Flower Bed Makeover

(Sept 2009- when we moved in)

There is very little landscaping around our new property, but that is about to change. I definitely have a blank slate to work with! The front flower bed has a few hostas and what I think is a miniature boxwood (or mini because it's growing in pure clay). But there is no "wow" factor and probably won't be for a while, but I can definitely improve on it this year.

(Early March 2010)

Last fall I trimmed back all the vegetation left from the hostas and sprinkled some lime that I had left over from the garden.

(Early March 2010)

I needed some sort of height along the wall. In a back flower bed there was an ill placed bush that I was able to transplant out front. I placed it between the two garage windows. I also discovered that the soil is completely clay. Wait, it is solid clay with an inch of mulch on top.
I amended the soil with compost and some top soil I found in the woods. I really needed to divide the hostas this year, but I think I waited too long. They are almost in full leaf now. Maybe next spring. I also purchased some perennials from a neighbor who was having a plant sale last weekend. Everything was priced from $1 to $3. So I am filling in with those and pansies I started from seed to finish the bed for this year. Once all of those get planted I'll have an after photo. I can't wait to see how this matures this year. I will have only spent $6 for this mini plant makeover!


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  2. In my house in Omaha, I use to have hostas along side the house like yours. They just keep growing and growing. I had day lillies in the front. I also had several clumps of Peonies.

    The last time I looked at the house online, the people had torn all that out, now there is only grass ... so sad.

    I will check in with you to see how it grows, should be beautiful with Pansies. I can't have Pansies here - the deer eat them!


  3. so nice to see a flurry of posting after a little absence from you. You really inspire me!

  4. Don't you just love this PA soil...:(, when we bought our house I didn't realize how bad the soil around the house was until we started digging to plant. That was a nightmare. I got so mad and frustrated that i took a bucnh of the clay dirt and squeezed it in my hands and threw it, yeah, I need to learn patience, can you tell....LOL but we did the same as you, dig alot of it out and fill it in with nicer soil. Now we can plant almost anything.

  5. Ugh, I'm working with the same kind of layering in my front gardens too - a few inches of mulch, and then SAND! But we tried to mix it up as best we can, and things seem to be growing, so there is hope! I'm betting your garden will be beautiful though, pansies are lovely!


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