Saturday, January 2, 2010

Visit to Terrain- part 3

I knew I would like visiting Terrain, but it surpassed any expectations. I need to go back and visit throughout the seasons to see how they incorporate plants and landscaping materials to make the garden a feature in every season. I have always been intimidated when I try and consider a fall garden. There are holes where once lush summer foliage was and sporadic color from plants in the last days of their glory.

These chairs look nice but could you imagine the butt imprints they would give you?

The reason I want to get remarried (to the same guy) here. Seriously. Where is my fairytale? Did you notice the pumpkins on the roof? No detail left unnoticed.

When I speak about hardscape I don't mean shiny glass globes or plastic pink flamingos. I've always had a thing for rusty metal sculptural objects and this orb fit the bill. They had several on display in all different sizes all made by a local-ish (east coast somewhere?) craftsman. This would make a statement all year long.

More butt pattern chairs but look what its holding! It's a hollowed out logs with moss and woodsy succulents. The stepping 'stones' are thin sliced tree trunks.
Another view of the log container so I would remember how they bound the ends.

I've always wanted to make some congrete/stone containers. More future inspiration for me.

Terrain also offers up a more traditional experience to purchase plants as well. I bet shopping for these plants in the summer time is very enjoyable. Mature shade trees suround the property so on a warm summer day the shade would be nice.

To be continued...


  1. What a beautiful place...Laughed at the thought of those marks haha..Cute.. Thanks for sharing..

  2. All I can say is, WOW! I want to go there.

  3. What a terrific place, both to visit and to get ideas! I'm with you; no butt marks ... LOL. I wish they had a store by me!

    DO NOT put down sliced tree trunks - I know from falling 3-4 times my first winter here in Oregon! They get sooo icy and are very dangerous.

    I like the hollowed out log with plantings in it. I have a very short log that I grow catnip in. I also have a welded bird (pterodactyl!) and this year I got some welded flowers. Love them.

    Have a wonderful 2010.


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