Thursday, December 31, 2009

Trip to Terrain- Part 1

(Entrance to Terrian in Oct 2009. They had so many varieties of pumpkins throughout the store but this large white beauty stole the show!)

In the continued effort to clean off my digital camera I am finally blogging about my fall trip to Terrain! This fall I attended a wedding for a friend in Philly and much to my surprise and amazement my hotel was less than a 1/2 mile from the store! I even made my husband leave early so we could go to the store before the wedding and I have to admit I took more photo's of Terrain than the wedding. Whoops! But the inspiration! Oh, the eye candy!

(Congrete container with two evergreens and grass. I love the monotone of plant color but the texture difference are the show stopper. The wind was blowing the day I was there and the grass made the arrangement very fluid.)

I have always loved gardening. Much of my garden has been confined to containers while we rented but now that we purchased a house... you better watch out! I want my landscaping to be beautiful throughout the seasons so I am being very deliberate with plant decisions and hardscape. My landscaping is going to be a project that will grow and mature over time since I can't make the financial investment to get it done in one year so I want to make sure that as I continue to make purchases and plant foundation plants it will all work out in the end.

I want to get married again here!

I really loved the simplicity of the signage they had throughout the outside portion of the store. Inexpensive burlap screenprinted in grey.

Close up. Couldn't you imagine an elaborate garden party with Welcome banners made like these? Or for a farmers market?

There are many more photo's to share. I loved sorting through them again. Rediscovering these photos is not helping my spring itch!

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