Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Spring Nesting

Every year I get so excited to start another garden. For a few years now I have had to limit my gardening to containers, but I try to find new ways to enhance the experience. This year my Mom graciously lent a hand to get the plants in the soil. There is a mixture of edibles and flowers this year.
Out front I placed a few things. We made a little branch teepee with grape vine to support Sweet Peas once they get growing. At the bottom of the pot are a few trailing plants and a fern. I also have some parsley, cilantro, and basil starting from seeds.

My Rosemary plant from last year wintered over and is doing much better outside. This year she has a new neighbor. I placed a purple wave Petuna in the pot with her. Hopefully they will get along and become best friends.
There are some pickles started. Now I realize I may confuse some people with the term "pickles", but these are the smaller prickley cucumbers. These are the variety my family turns into pickles. These will be part of a hanging pot arrangement.

This is the grouping I have out back for now. As the plants mature I will move them around that best suits them. The wooden plant stand was a dumpster dive I found earlier this spring. Also planted is mountain mint, oregano, thyme, camomille, zucchini, lettuce, and tomatoes.

With all this planting I really started to feel the urge to nest. Tomorrow my husband and I are going to attend an estate auction will all intentions of bidding on the house. We had the home inspection on Tuesday, so now we hope we are the high bidder tomorrow! At least my garden is portable if we get it!


  1. Good luck tomorrow! I hope you guys get it!

  2. I do hope the auction goes your way! Your plants are beautiful.

  3. The garden look great, I love pickles!

  4. Oh, good luck! Your garden always look so inviting, and I'm always stuck making excuses about not having a place to plant, you put me to shame!

  5. Your little "portable" garden looks great! this will be my first year having an actual in-the-ground garden. I've always done container planting but am now making the leap to bigger things! We'll see how it goes!

  6. What a beautiful garden you have growing! Best wishes with the auction!


  7. What a green thumb you have!

    Hope the auction went well.

  8. Your potted plant garden looks beautiful. Where did you get the large blue pots? Those are great.


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