Monday, March 23, 2009

Buttons, buttons

Last week I picked up a new dress shirt at a store that's one notch below a Marshalls but slightly above a Goodwill. I found a pretty little shirt that has some interesting details but it was missing a button. For $6 I brought it home figuring I could replace all the buttons with something in my stash.
So I went through drawer number 1. Do you think I could find 6 identical white, black, or navy buttons? Of course not. The white buttons I do have are rather vintage and so they all have a yellow cast to them and looked rather dingy against the shirt.

No luck in this pile of shank buttons. All of them were too big.

Do I ever need a new system for my button stash or what?! Any takers on helping me get my button stash organized. I'll pay you in buttons.

The original buttons were fabric covered shank buttons but they were really cheap. The shank part is made of plastic and I could tell it was only a matter of time before they busted off. Like I said I found a vintage 'white' button set. Don't be fooled by the photo. They all had a yellow cast. And after I sorted through all my button mess twice I finally discovered 6 little grey buttons.Have I mentioned my sewing machine automatically sews on buttons? I kid you not! Sewing on all these buttons took me less than 6 minutes. There were 6 buttons. I'll let you do the math. :) I'll most likely wear this shirt with my grey dress pants and newly purchased $6 faux patent leather navy flats (also purchased at the same store).


  1. That looks like a really cute shirt LeeAnn! Good luck with the button sorting thing. I have all my buttons in mason jars sorted by color unless they are really spectacular, then I have a special "pretty" button jar for those.

  2. Love it! Those auto-features on a sewing machine can be amazing...I have a button sewer on mine but haven't tried it yet...I did just recently try the button hole feature though...pretty slick!

  3. If you dont have 400 lbs of buttons (like someone else I know, ahem) You can organize them by color in muffin tins.

    Or small jam jars.

  4. i am actually on the hunt for a new machine... what so you use and do you like or Love it?
    (and since when do they do buttons!!)
    I am so out of the know

  5. It sews on your buttons!?!? The shirt looks supercute. I like the grey buttons you picked.


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